alpine 13 & 14

The Alpine 13 is fully engineered and manufactured to meet and exceed the harsh conditions often faced in our big wide land. This go-anywhere pop-top hybrid features a tough chassis with the unquestionable quality.


The Alpine 15ft Hybrid Camper is the ultimate Australian Made adventure partner. Perfect for a couple looking for a Van that tows well both on and off-road, offers all the comforts of home and full off-grid capabilities.

Alpine 16ft Family

The call for an Australian-made family camper has been massive, so we have designed and built a 16ft van perfect for the whole family. It includes a queen bed, 2x kids bunks and separate toilet and shower as standard.

Alpine 13 & 14
Alpine 15
Alpine 16FT Family

Beyond the Black Stump with Audrey: Our Alpine Camper Adventure

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The Alpine Camper. Sounds like a hybrid caravan that would be more suited to the Swiss Alps then the harsh conditions of the Australian Outback. Yet, we have taken our “Audrey” well beyond the black stump and back, and travelled to many of those famously talked about and hard to get to locations with her […]